Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hot, hot, hot and quilty

I finished this quilt for Ann yesterday - I really like the way it turned out.  Ann's tops are always fun to quilt: her workmanship is excellent and she has a good eye for color.  I love the border fabric that she chose for this-she says she had sort of forgotten it was in her stash.

Wool batting is my favorite, it gives such wonderful definition to the quilting.

Even the back of the quilt is pretty.

Peter and I made a quick trip to Manhattan to have Sugar Plum appraised by AQS certified appraiser Carol Elmore. It was a pretty drive and thankfully not as hot as it had been the day before. (109 degrees in Wichita!!!)  On the drive through the flint hills we saw lots of old farms, many with stone houses made from the local limestone.  Here are pictures of a couple of beautiful old barns.

This must be the barn equivalent of a mansion!

We even passed a castle!  This is in someone's front yard in Lincolnville.  I think I need one in front of our house, I'm sure the neighbors would appreciate it!


  1. The quilting on that quilt is beautiful! And the stone buildings are great, I have always dreamed of living in a stone cottage. Maybe they are cooler in the summer?

  2. Fabulous quilting! I love what you did int he sashing.

  3. As always, Jan, your quilting skills are outstanding. The backing looks like a whole cloth quilt!!!!
    Isn't it fun to drive and site-see! Loved seeing all the barns and that castle must have taken alot of work to build.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. The back of this quilt is fabulous. Your work is stunning!

  5. What beautiful quilting. I love your approach to the sashing. Lots of template work on that one.

  6. Oh I'm glad to read your preference on wool batt. I have a quilt on the design wall I plan to quilt with a wool batt. My 1st. Kinda hard to get psyched up for wool in AZ! The quilt will go to my DD in South Dakota! Beautiful quitling!

  7. Your quilting is absolutely STUNNING!