Monday, October 5, 2015

Quilts and a tour


This is Charlette's sampler quilt - it is very striking in black, red and white.


I attempted to added some curves by quilting arcs in the sashing.
This is quilted with So Fine and the batting is Hobb's bleached 80/20.

Nancy started this quilt a few years back in a workshop with Terry Thompson.  She started handquilting it and then set it aside.  This year, in the spirit of finishing some UFO's she picked out the handquilting and gave it to me to machine quilt.


She added borders to the top and bottom of this traditional four block applique quilt.
This is quilted with So Fine and uses Hobb's wool batting.


Every two years my guild, Prairie Quilt Guild holds a quilt room tour, featuring 5 or 6 quilt rooms or studios belonging to guild members.  It's always fun to be nosy and see their homes all decorated with quilts and admire what they have done to organize their own quilting space. 

Leslie has a real dream studio.

Everything is beautifully designed and built in.  See the rectangle of light on the right side of this counter?

It's a built in light box!  I love it.

Her sewing machine also has a customized built in spot.

Kathy, who I neglected to get a picture of, loves antiques and vintage decorating.  I like her little milk bottles for sorting and displaying buttons.


This metal display board has all kinds of little magnetic boxes - very cool.  Kathy says she bought it at IKEA.

Vera had just finished making new curtains for her sewing room.  Very cute with the button trim.  She says she used a Simplicity pattern.


The most impressive part of all the sewing spaces I saw was how CLEAN they all are.  That takes a lot of work and I appreciate all of the hostesses opening their homes to the guild.


  1. That is a pretty working space. :) Mine isn't bad, but it's definitely a Keep It Real studio, and not a magazine shoot studio in terms of the typical state of "cleanliness". ;D Love what you did with the arcs in that quilt.

  2. gorgeous quilting! Lovely creative studio space.

  3. Both quilts are beautiful. And I have to keep my studio somewhat in order or I can't get anything done. The mess would bother me too much.