Saturday, August 22, 2015

Keeping busy

Margo wanted custom quilting and for me to do whatever I wanted.  That's fun when it's such a cute quilt!



It's hard to find a thread color for these Japanese taupe/browns.  Brown thread looks too brown, grey thread looks too grey.  I finally found the perfect mucky greyish brown from Superior Masterpiece - #181 called Nightscape.  Masterpiece is 50w cotton, not a thread I would use on a bed quilt but for a wall hanging it works fine.


Cecelia waited a long time for me to get to her humongous quilt!  This will be a shop sample for her quilt shop in western Kansas. 

I thought this quilt needed some curves.


  1. Oh my gosh! Once again you have done magnificent quilting!! Love both quilts but the first one is my favorite!!

  2. They are both beautiful. You really know how to read a quilt.

  3. Love! Both fabulous......well done you.

  4. Beautiful!!! By any chance do you know where to purchase the pattern for the second quilt?

  5. I've been trawling back through your posts. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful quilt photos and your lovely quilting . And I do agree with you about acknowledging sources. Mary