Sunday, July 13, 2014

The return of The Thimbleberries Lady

If you have followed my blog for a while you might remember The Thimbleberries Lady that I quilted many quilts for.  Marsha took a break for a while but is back with this cute wallhanging.

Thimbleberries fabric is no more but I think Marsha has a lifetime supply in her stash.


When I took our quilt show judge Cindy Erickson out for a quick visit to a local quilt shop, Material Girls, this quilt was hanging on the wall.


Made by shop owner Jan Munroe this is Chick Jubilee by Bunny Hill Designs.  The quilting is so beautifully done by my friend and amazing quilter, Siriporn Hollar.  The quilt is square and straight but because I had to aim upwards to take pictures it looks a bit out of whack.



It's so fun to examine each block.  Siriporn added all kinds of fun details.


When my customers bring me their quilts they sometimes bring their own batting and I'm willing to use whatever they have with a few exceptions.  This batting now goes on the list of exceptions.

The touch of luxury cashmere appeared as little dirty spots trapped in the polyester.
There were even more holes and chewed up spots in this batting, more than I took the time to photograph.



I hope she can get her money back and really, she should make an official complaint.



  1. Really beautiful quilting on those quilts! That batting looks like a very good example of what not to buy! Yikes!

  2. Wow! I've never seen a batting come out of the package like that. I hope she can get her money back. Your quilting is always so inspiring. I love the bunny quilt!

  3. That batting is, simply put, AWFUL!!!!

  4. Great quilting and horrible batting.