Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stars on Mars

This is a quilt that I collaborated on with Gail Stepanek.  I actually finished the quilting last May or June but waited until it had been to its first show to post the pictures.  It just returned from Road to California with a big fat ribbon for Outstanding Innovative quilt and both Gail and I are thrilled!  Here is a link that shows all the winners.

I love everything about this quilt, especially the name Gail came up with: Stars on Mars.
I told Gail this quilt was telling me it didn't need lots of feathers and she agreed. 

She even agreed it needed some bling so I got to use metallic thread, lots of it!
The big scrolly vine and the triangles around the edge are all silver metallic. 


I hated to cover up all the intricate piecing on the stars, so tried to fill in the blanks with thread.

MQS is doing a charity raffle quilt again this year and I agreed to quilt it.  People donate quilts to the charity committee to be quilted and given away and Tricia, the committee chair, chose one for me to quilt and be raffled off.


The proceeds go to Victory in the Valley and Harry Hynes Hospice, both of which were a huge help to Peter and I while he was dealing with cancer.


I have to admit  I wasn't inspired by the top.  It is well pieced but made from some old kinda dingy batiks. 

I kept putting off working on it - but once I started quilting I kind of got into it.

Now I'm working on Mayleen's quilt, which is the ultimate SID quilt - wait until you see it!
I'll be quilting it today instead of watching the Super Bowl.  Actually - I would rather spend the day picking out stitches than watch football!


  1. I love "Stars on Mars", even the stippling! At least, I think that's stippling. I don't know all those technical machine quilting terms. Love the color scheme, of course.

    Pardon my ignorance but what is a SID quilt, LOL?!?

    1. Don't worry Mayleen, it's nothing rude! It means stitch in the ditch which is ruler work and takes time and patience.

  2. Congratulations on a great award at R2C!!! the two of you really deserved it! Beyond gorgeous quilt! Loved the name. Very fitting.
    Now for the other did a wonderful job on it! I saw it before it was quilted and I knew that you could put a wonderful life into it.
    I'm with you about the SB game. I will have the game on but plan to sew during it. I want to see the great commercials!

  3. Oh gosh you and Gail make a great team! That quilt is spectacular.

  4. Congratulations to you and Gail! Your quilt is amazing and soooo deserving!!!! The raffle quilt is also beautifully quilted. You took that quilt to the next level!

  5. What a treat this post is. :D So much eye candy. WOW - that quilt deserves the win. :) Congratulations~! I really love your play with thread color and weight. [And I'm with you - hand me the seam ripper while the world goes insane for the day!]

  6. Spectacular! A feast for the eyes. Thanks.

  7. Congratulations to you both! It is a spectacular quilt!!!

  8. I want to go shopping with Gail. She finds the BEST background fabrics! And your quilting is beyond exquisite! Big congratulations to you both!!