Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two versions of pink and green

I worked on Cecelia's quilt during the 'polar vortex' and it was a pleasure to have such a cheerful, spring-like quilt to look at while it was so cold and gloomy out.



This is a busy quilt which makes it hard to give the quilting some impact. Luckily, Cecelia had me use my favorite  wool batting which has enough loft to give the quilting a nice definition.


I have quilted several quilts for Eddie over the past few years.  She made quilts for her grandchildren -usually  huge bed quilts, always precisely pieced and well made.  Here and here are a few of her quilts. She always had me save her a spot in December for two or more quilts.  Last summer she called to cancel her scheduled spot and not long after that died of cancer.  A few months ago her husband called and asked me to quilt the tops she had finished.  Eddie was a prolific quilter - we found five unquilted tops and I have been fitting them into my schedule.

This Dresden plate is one that her husband says she had been working on forever.  She only took it out when they traveled so it took her years to finish. They are hand pieced as well as hand appliqued. I was trying to guess when she started it; judging by the fabrics I'm guessing the early 90's - do you agree?  I remember when every hotel lobby and restaurant bathroom were decorated in that mauve and green.

I kept the quilting simple but I think the repetition of the feathers and Dresden plates is pretty.

I'm glad that her quilts will be finished and appreciated by her family.

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  1. I held my breath when you wrote of Eddies passing, how very lucky that she had you as her quilter. Very beautiful work by the both of you. Thankyou for sharing.