Monday, April 29, 2013

A Winning Week

Betty and Madeline in front of Remembrance

I'm just home from Paducah where my wholecloth Remembrance won second place in Longarm quilted Bed Quilts - Hooray!  I went on a bus tour from the Wichita area with two quilting buddies.  Betty and Madeline had never been to Paducah before so we did the whole thing: the quilts, the vendors, the bubble, the museum, downtown, Hancock 's, a tour of Carol Bryer Fallert's home and studio and Eleanor Burns.  The only thing we missed was the Rotary Club.  We had sore feet but it was worth it.

One evening we did a tour of the Dogwood Trail with QUILTMAN and his sidekick BOBBIN.  It was great fun and we did learn a bit about the history of Paducah.  The dogwoods were at their peak this week.  It rained the whole time we were there with the exception of one beautiful sunny day.


I asked this lady if I could take a picture of her - what a wonderful pincushion hat!

It rained on the bus trip going both directions.  We stopped to get a picture of the arch in St. on the way home.  On the way there we couldn't see the upper half of the arch in the rain and fog.

The reflection is nice too.

I usually have no luck with drawings and raffles but just before I left for Paducah I won a book on the Quilt Inspiration blog.  It's a beautiful new hardcover book by Kaffe Fassett called Shots and Stripes.  It features his shot cottons which I love, in fact, Remembrance is made from his shot cotton front and back. The book arrived wonderfully packaged and I have enjoyed looking at it and feeling inspired!  Thanks so much to Quilt Inspiration which is also inspiring - they post lots of beautiful quilts, tutorials and free patterns.


  1. It's more than a 2nd place winner - that quilt is exquisite!

  2. Congratulations, Jan, on your quilt's win and for winning the book! I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt soon.

  3. What a wonderful trip. I had friends that went on a tour and I wonder if it was the same one. I will have to visit with them. They boarded a bus north of Wichita.
    Congrats on your wins!

  4. ROFL!! Quiltman and Bobbin. Love it so much. :D And Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations!!! The quilt is a showstopper for sure!!!
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip. What fun to go on a tour with Quiltman and Bobbin Boy :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie