Thursday, March 14, 2013

Musical quilts

This is a pretty striking place to display quilts, don't you think?  My guild, Prairie Quilt Guild, was contacted by the faculty brass quintet at WSU to display quilts at their recital.  One of the pieces on the program was Fabrics by John Stevens which has four movements, each named for a different quilt block.  They wanted to have examples of those blocks on stage during the concert.  I thought it was a neat idea so volunteered to be in charge of rounding up the quilts.  The musicians were very enthusiastic about having the quilts there and invited the audience up on stage during intermission to see them up close.


I'm also in charge of the guild challenge for Prairie Quilt Guild and the quilts were displayed at our meeting this week.  I'll show some of the winning quilts after our meeting next month when the results are announced. 

I volunteered to help organize an exhibit of quilts by PQG members at CityArts in downtown Wichita this spring (obviously I need to sit on my hands the next time someone asks for a volunteer!)  On a tour of the very impressive CityArts building I just loved this display of 'taxidermy' made by one of the kid's classes. I'd like a few of them for my studio!

My quilt Remembrance came home from it's first show without any ribbons - not even the booby prize!  It did receive very positive comments from the judges.  Here is a link to the winners.


  1. Very cool! My 21 yo is enchanted (she plays in a brass quintet at her university).

  2. I'm impressed by all your work, but the photo of the quilts at the recital is phenomenal!

  3. What a wonderful display of quilts at the concert - two forms of creativity combined!

  4. I went and looked at all the quilts, I am very interested in what judges pick as winners. I thought your gorgeous quilt was just as worthy as the ones that won. Did the judges comments give you any hints as to what they thought would have made it a winner?

    1. Thanks - too bad you weren't judging! The judges gave me no negative comments. There just must have been lots of good quilts in my category.