Thursday, February 14, 2013

American Jane pattern

This is Gina's quilt made from an American Jane pattern.  Such a cute design and when I saw all that nice open white space I knew it would be fun to quilt.

Lots of polka dots in the fabrics so I put them in the quilting too.  I love polka dots!


I love old buttons too and years ago I bought a lot of old buttons at an auction. It turns out that Gina is a serious button collector and she was nice enought to root through my buttons and tell me about them. I learned a lot about my old buttons! 

I was surprised to find a box of these gorgeous flowers on my doorstep yesterday - delivered fresh from Hawaii!  Peter's cousin sent them to me, I guess he knew I would be thinking of Peter on Valentine's Day.  Don't they look exotic on my Kansas mantel? 


  1. As usual your quilting is gorgeous. Gorgeous flowers as well. I'll bet Peter is smiling about that flower delivery.

  2. What a creative fill you've done in the background of that Am. Jane pattern - especially like your polka-dots mixed in! And the exotic flowers are gorgeous! What a thoughtful cousin!!

  3. Lovely quilt--and quilting! Those flowers are gorgeous--so perfect for today and definitely exotic! Wow--just stunning!

  4. Love it! And you did such a very nice job with the quilting.

  5. My goodness - you have done a lovely job - what a beautiful fresh little quilt!