Friday, October 14, 2011

I love this quilt!

At last I can post a picture of the Prairie Quilt Guild Opportunity Quilt that I have been working on since last January!  My committee tried to keep it under wraps until it could be presented to the guild, which we did this week.  The drawing for the quilt will be at our quilt show this June.

The pattern is Applique Affair by Edyta Sitar which we made larger by doing different borders.  I designed the borders but fortunately did not have to applique them because they have about a zillion pieces in them.  My friend Siriporn Hollar did the quilting - and it is gorgeous! I keep the quilt on my guest room bed so it doesn't get creases from being folded.  I must say, it looks REALLY nice there - I will have to buy some tickets!

I did make this quilted bag from the quilt scraps to use as a prize for the guild member that sells the most tickets.  I found the pattern in an old issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  After starting the applique I realized it was a pattern by Edyta Sitar - how appropriate!  I quilted it on my sewing machine and whined the whole time that I wished I had done it on my longarm.  It's so much easier to see what you're doing on the longarm and much easier to get even stitch length.  You'll notice I didn't include any close-ups of the quilting.

And finally...

Have you ever seen a pregnant grape?


  1. The quilt and the bag are completely wonderful!

  2. That quilt is beautiful.... wish I lived close to your area to buy tickets..... hehehehe
    The tote/bag is great. Did you make it so that the quilt will be stored inside??

  3. Jan - your work is fabulous! Always amazing. Too cute on the grape.

  4. Absolutely love and quilt and bag. Edyta is awesome. I made Hop To It and everyone thought it was awesome. I opened a green pepper a couple of weeks ago and inside was a perfectly formed baby pepper! I have no idea how that could happen but it did!

  5. Yes, Edyta Sitar does amazing work with color and applique.
    Your quilted bag is beautiful.