Friday, June 3, 2011

Quilt shops and a baby owl

I've been working on three quilts for Eddie - here is the first one.  Eddie believes in making BIG quilts!

I was stumped for awhile on the border, it is a very wide border and I didn't want to do a single line of feathers - the feathers would have been huge.  So I tried a double border of feathers- what do you think?  It's hard to see on the dark blue fabric.

Last Saturday I met my friend Siriporn at Material Girls, a local quilt shop in Wichita.  She quilts a lot of store samples for them and I really liked this one.  I made her pose next to it!

On the way home I stopped at another quilt shop - Picket Fence, and saw this cute little guy.

Shop owner Lisa said she found him that morning while she was on a walk   He was in the middle of the street being attacked by grackles so she picked him up (he bit her) and put him in a pet carrier.  She was taking him to the raptor center for care.  We had a storm the night  before and he must of been knocked out of a tree.  They think he is a screech owl.  I hope he makes it!


  1. I like the feathers for the dark border, they add interest. Your friends quilt is beautiful.
    Hope that the baby owl survives.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Double feathers look wonderful. Also the mix of blues goes well together. And the quilt is stunning. What a great friend to rescue the owl.

  3. I want some of those attack grackles -- wonder if they could be trained to keep the deer out of my yard.....

  4. (Hey, the 'word' I just got to post that comment was 'aribela' -- cosmic!)