Saturday, May 7, 2011

May-bees and wallhangings

Ann brought me two little wallhangings: the one above is a Schnibbles pattern.  It is very cute but it looks like way too much piecing for me!

The other is a folk art kind of a thing.

I finished my own quilt for MQS at the very last minute and didn't have time to even get a picture of it - I will have to do that later.  The weather is heating up just in time for the show in Overland Park.

Last week end Peter and I were eating lunch and noticed our neighbor and his kids out in our driveway staring up.  They kept staring up as they moved into our backyard.  When we went outside to see what was going on we could see a cloud of bees swarming out by our fence. They congregated near my garden cart and started landing on it.

We all stood around and watched them for a while and then I went in and looked up beekeepers in the phone book.  I called some guy and asked if he was interested in removing them - he told me one of two things could happen: they might stay there or they might leave.  Oh really!  That was so helpful.  They did end up leaving after about half an hour, off they went over another neighbor's roof.  I hope they found a nice place to live!


  1. The borders are pretty on the first quilt. Glad the bees went.

  2. The two wall hangings are beautiful, love the quilting you did on them.
    I'm glad that the bees decided to move on their own. Very interesting story.

  3. Kewl bees. I have wanted bees for years. Mr. Husband isn't in favor. Do you think it's a Sign that they chose your cart to land on? Maybe you should get some. And did you realize I have exactly that same cart? Ancient, a bit wobbly (after 38 yrs) but still functioning perfectly.
    I look forward to seeing photos of your quilt (after it wins, of course).