Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disappearing nine-patch

I won't have any pictures of quilts I have quilted for a while - it will be a couple of weeks before my new Innova arrives.  These are pictures from my small group, we don't have an official name - we just call ourselves the Little Sewing Group.  When I first moved here these ladies invited me to join them twice a month.  We don't all quilt, some are knitters, or crocheters or embroiderers, but it's a good excuse to get together to sew and eat and talk.

At our last meeting Evelyn showed us how to make a Disappearing Nine-Patch block.  It's really fast and easy (even I can piece this!), you make a nine patch, cut it into quarters, move a couple of the pieces 180 degrees and sew it back together.  We met again today and got to see the finished projects.  Although we all made the same block,  it's amazing how different they look in different fabrics and different sizes. 

Up above is Betty's project - she is obviously an over-achiever since she was the only one to make something bigger than a table runner.

I only had enough of the Japanese fabric to make two blocks, so I made a short table runner.

Kelly made three blocks in three different sizes.  I couldn't get the third picture to go where I wanted it to, so here are two of them.

Madeline made small blocks.

Dee made a Halloween runner.

Evelyn, who showed us the block, finished two table runners. 


Virginia is hand quilting hers, it will be a doll quilt. 

I have lots of projects planned for my vacation from quilting.  Maybe I'll get them done, or maybe I'll just spend the next few weeks lying on the couch, eating chocolates and reading trashy novels!    


  1. Jan, I missed somewhere when you decided to change from the Gammill to the Innova. I've been contemplating buying a Gammill and am just curious as to why you are changing brands. Could you email me.
    Thanks, Marj

  2. Oh I love the disappearing 9-patch....your little group did a great job. I love all of them by my favorite is is really unique.