Thursday, May 6, 2010

I love metallic thread

I'm still plugging along on Lynn's quilt.  First I'm quilting around all the trapunto motifs with gold thread.  (I  LOVE metallic thread and seem to end up using it in most everything I quilt for myself).  I'm just about finished with that, then I will start with the SID (Stitch in the Ditch) which will be slow going.  This is a fun quilt to work on, I wish I didn't have to keep stopping for other quilts etc.

Today we drove to Overland Park to deliver my quilts and several friends' quilts to MQS.  I usually ship my quilts there but decided it would be worth the 3 hour drive so I wouldn't have to worry about my guild's Opportunity Quilt which I entered this year.  I was really nervous about shipping it - I have never lost anything in shipping (knock on wood) but it can happen.  If I lost our guild's Opportunity Quilt my name would be MUD.

Here are three kitties, Lily, Rosie and Rorschach celebrating Spring in kitty-loaf position. 

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  1. Jan that quilt & it's quilting is stunning. You are the "Queen!" I'm serious!
    Take care.