Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thimbleberries Queen

If I can get another quilt finished by Saturday, I will be back on schedule.  Poor Marsha had to wait a few weeks for me to finish hers.  Marsha is Thimbleberries Queen- I have quilted dozens, really, dozens of her Thimbleberries quilts and she swears she still has a closet full of unquilted tops. I told her I will have to name a wing of my house after her.  Lynette Jenson, founder of Thimbleberries definitely should!


This quilt has cheater blocks. 

I heard from Indiana Heritage Quilt Show that my wholecloth wall hanging Woodland Tapestry won an Honorable Mention.  Especially after seeing the list of winners, I was happy with that! 


  1. Your work is excellent, beautiful, fantastic, intricate, fabu-riffic....all those adjectives!!!

  2. OK, for the unenlightened, what is Thimbleberries (other than that cute little native shrub I grow in my garden)? and what are cheater blocks?

  3. Thimbleberries is the name of a company started by Lynette Jensen that designs patterns and fabric. Cheater blocks are printed patterns of pieced or appliqued blocks.