Saturday, June 5, 2010

A new applique technique?

Since I finished up my wild Hawaiian blocks I needed a new hand applique project to work on.  I decided to do a traditional Whig Rose block.  Here is Elsie the cat helping me photograph the block.

I like to use the starch method for preparing small circles to applique,so I bought a new can of starch and left it on the kitchen counter.  Early the next morning I wanted to get my applique ready to take to my small group meeting so I grabbed the can off the counter and ran out to the studio.  I sprayed some into a cup and dipped my brush in and spread it on the seam allowance of the little circles of fabric.  Then I pressed them over the template for a smooth edge to applique.  It didn't seem to be working as well as usual...  so I painted more on and kept pressing.  Finally it seemed to work, so I took them off with me to my meeting and sewed them on the block.

That afternoon I noticed the new can of spray starch sitting on the kitchen counter.  I wondered how it had gotten back in the kitchen.  A little later Peter came in the kitchen and asked me where the bug spray was.  No, I thought, I didn't do that - did I?  I ran out to the studio and there on the ironing board was a can of Raid!  Do you think this might be a new technique- a bug free way to applique? 

I did finally get Lynn's quilt finished yesterday.  The nice part about collaborating on a quilt is that I don't have to wash, block and bind it! Once that is done I will try to post a picture.


  1. Ack!!!!! That's worse than the time I got my post-shower 'products' out of order and first tried to put hair gel on my face, then used skin cream on my hair. Wash that block before use!

  2. My Aunt couldn't figure out her toothpaste one morning early. She had brushed her teeth with hemorrhoid cream. Stranger things happen.No little weevils will get into your quilt. Chris

  3. That's so funny!! And, my/our quilt is STUNNING!! Jan did an incredible job!! But, I'm nervous about washing, binding & blocking it...afraid I'll mess something up! Look for it at the PQG quilt show..

  4. Jan, that is too funny.....there are tears in my eyes, running down my cheeks and my tummuy is hurting, I'm laughing so hard!!!!!
    I'm so happy that I'm not the only one to use something other than starch on my quilting projects!
    Take care.