Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to real life

Time to return to real life - the show closed yesterday and everything was taken down.  The quilt racks go back into storage until our next show in 2012.  The planning for that show will start up in just a few months but I don't want to think about that right now!

Here is the  featured quilters' booth of Janet Ghilino Bates.

Love her fabric covered kids furniture!

On Saturday there was a panel discussion on "Men that Quilt" which featured six local men.  They talked about why some men quilt and some don't.  Peter was the representative non-quilter.  Charlotte of Charlotte's Sew Natural organized the panel and she knew that Peter was involved in quilting but had so far resisted becoming a quilter, so she included him. 

It was very interesting to hear them talk about how they got started quilting and how they felt being in the minority as quilters.  They brought examples of their quilts which varied from the traditional "men's" style with outdoorsy and car fabrics to bright and sophisticated designs.  Here is quilter Tony Munoz talking about his quilt, which is beautifully hand quilted.

And now for some quilts!  This is a baby quilt that Janet Bates made for her first Grandson.  It has lots of clever details and is hand quilted.

I really like these quilts by Bonnie Wright that were entered in the judged show.  Her snowman quilt is at the top of this post.
This one is done with machine embroidery - really an eyecatching quilt!

Linda Laird made this quilt from some old blocks.

These dazzling lilies won Best in Category in Art Quilts for Charlotte Hickman.

This little quilt by Carla Anderson just glowed - the colors are luminous. 

More photos of quilts to come!

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  1. WOW Jan....what an exciting show. I love looking at all the wonderful usual, I'm now inspired, again!
    There's nothing like a fantastic quilt show to get one motivated!
    Thanks for sharing!!!