Monday, June 14, 2010


This is another of my old quilts I have resurrected for my guild show exhibit.  It's called My Cat Sam and What He Dreams About at Night.  Sam was Mrs. Meatloaf's smarter brother and actually Mrs. Meatloaf appears in his quilt as a crazed looking cat head.  When I finished his quilt I realized I had to make one for Mrs. Meatloaf as well, so The Secret Life of... came from that.

Here is an update on our local wildlife - This is our neighbor's cat Socket Set (love that name) relaxing on our deck.

This is Rosie who has decided this pot is the most comfortable place to nap, who cares that I had something planted in it!

We saw these white pelicans as we drove into Wichita the other day.  They let me get pretty close for a picture before they started acting nervous.

And last but not least, on Saturday I noticed a few ants in the mailbox when I picked up the mail.  This morning (Monday) I found an entire ant colony in there!  Complete with little white maggoty baby things.  I sprayed them and then just couldn't bring myself to clean them out, there were so many and the white things were kind of squishy looking.  So I made Peter do it, that's what husbands are for - killing spiders and cleaning out ant colonies.


  1. Good morning Jan.....I was really loving the story behind your blog name; the kitties posed in sleep were really cute.....and then the ......the......a...n....t...s.....well, let me just say...I started to itch....LOL

  2. Sorry to make you itch Rhonda! I just went out to get the mail and they are coming back with more babies. AAAAGH!

  3. I like the colors in Sam's quilt. The neighbors cats look very content to nap at your house.
    Glad that the ants are now out of your mailbox... ick!!! more are coming, maybe you will have to spray every day for awhile. Good Luck getting rid of them. Try to destroy their trail coming to the mailbox.

  4. No, no! Send your ants to my chickies!

    And Jan, I want that quilt. Promise me you will leave it to me if you die first!

  5. Ewwwww!!! Poor Peter! (Hi, Peter!)