Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mrs. Meatloaf (the quilt) makes the front page

I quilted a version of this quilt for Emma Creek Quilt Guild for their Opportunity Quilt.  Mary wanted me to quilt her top exactly the same as that one. This made me groan, since I had done a lot of quilting on that quilt to make it special for them and I wasn't real excited about trying to duplicate it. She bribed me into doing it by saying she would piece a Feathered Star top for me if I would quilt it for her.  I love Feathered Stars, but being a person who is definitely challenged when it comes to piecing, I figured I would never have one. That Mary is devious!

Actually I enjoyed quilting her top, I did a few things differently and ended up liking this version better than the first one.  However, I did not enjoy making a mistake on her quilt that took me one and a half days to pick out - OUCH!

Mrs. Meatloaf made the front page!  Peter and I were interviewed as part of the publicity for our Quilt Show next week.  Check it out - there is even a video.


  1. Nice article, Jan, but I couldn't get the video to load :(-

    I would love to see that quilting machine in action. Someday I will! Meanwhile, after all those closeups, I am even more in awe of your quilting than I was before.

  2. Wow Jan what a great article and video. Your "playhouse" looks like a wonderful place to play in!

  3. Hey Jan: I saw the quilt you quilted when Mary showed it to some of us in class. Very awesome! Beautiful! You do great work. When I was looking through, I thought I recognized that quilt! Didn't know you have a quilting blog! So do I! Wendy

  4. I just about dropped the paper this morning when I picked it up and saw Mrs. Meatloaf! It was a nice article and I was so glad it came out BEFORE the show started this time. Thanks for all you do for PQG, Jan and Peter!!!

  5. Neat article and video. I love your accent!