Sunday, June 27, 2010

More of Common Threads Quilt Show

Today is the last day of the quilt show - it has certainly taken over our life the past week!  Here are some more pictures from the show.

Michelle Isaac was another of the featured quilters, her quilts are amazing and colorful.   The quilt at the top of this post is hers and it has been attracting a lot of attention. This is her exhibit.

This is my exhibit as featured quilter.

I really like this quilt by Shirley Binder, the pattern is from Elsie Campbell's new book on string quilting.

Here is Sharon Allman with her bear paw quilt which uses homespuns in the border. She won a ribbon in the judged show.

One of the booths features hand made cloth dolls.  Guild members were asked to bring their own much-loved dolls for the exhibit. They make me smile - despite the wear and tear, or maybe because of it, they have a special charm. I especially love the one with a polka dot dress, her eyes are made from polka dots!

These are dolls made recently, some of them by our talented guild member and dollmaker, Lynanne DeGarmo.  Oops, I cut off Dorothy's head!

I have lots more pictures to post this week - so many beautiful quilts!


  1. Love seeing all the wonderful quilts and dolls. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow - "featured quilter" what an honor! Those pictures are beautiful! I am envious just looking at all the great color and the incredible talent. Best, Lisa