Monday, June 21, 2010

Common Threads Quilt Show this week

I finished this quilt for Betty on Friday and it is entered in our quilt show this week!  The deadline for judged quilts is today, so I hope she got the binding finished this weekend.  I had sneaked her quilt on to my list and promised her I would really try to get it done in time.  We just made it!  She spent a lot of time doing all that embroidery and it turned out really nice.

My studio is a drop-off point for judged quilts and we have gotten a pile of them.  There are more coming today.  Judging starts early tomorrow morning with judge Anita Shackelford.  It's really interesting to help out with the judging, I have learned so much by watching and listening to the judge.  She has over 200 quilts to judge in two days - that's hard work!

We have hot weather for our show this week, it's humid and in the 90's which makes set-up more challenging.  Because the big doors at Century II are open for vendors to unload there is no air conditioning for the two days of set-up.  It gets pretty steamy in there!  I'm fortunate to be nice and cool in the church where we hold the judging.

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  1. As usual, your quilting is outstanding! Have fun with the quilt show!