Thursday, April 9, 2015


This is Flash, Mayleen's latest selvage quilt.  I quilted this for her last summer and kind of forgot to post the pictures.


Mayleen is no shrinking violet when it comes to color and I love the bright colors she used in this one!

She asked me to put hailstones, rain and lightning into the quilting design and it was fun to do that.

This is a timely quilt to post today since we had a nasty storm last night which included the whole shebang: tornados, lightning, rain and hail. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I solemnly swear...

I know, I know - it's been two months since I last posted. I almost decided to stop posting at all.  When I go back and look at my old posts I realized that I used to actually write something, rather than just slapping a few pictures up and calling it good.  After dealing with camera problems and computer problems I was just ready to forget the whole thing.  But... I did kind of miss it, so I will start up again.

Lots of customer quilt pictures are missing, so I will just post what I could find.  I haven't replaced my old photoshop so can't edit the photos as I used to .  This makes me cranky but I will just have to find a replacement.  Until then the pictures are messy looking.  Grrrr.

This is Betty's scrap quilt - she says the colors and fabric choices are nothing like her usual.  I like her use of polka dots - they are a nice surprise in this quilt.. 

This is an opportunity quilt I quilted for Elsie Campbell's guild in Oklahoma.

All of that open space was somewhat daunting especially because the corners were oddly shaped. I turned to my favorite solution - feathers!


I did have to do some marking on this before I put it on my machine. While it was on my design wall, I marked it with plain old schoolroom chalk.  It does start to come off once it is rolled up on the machine but it held up long enough for me to do the quilting.


I think this is an unusual and interesting quilt - some Oklahoma quilter will be excited to win it!

This is Cecelia and her beautiful quilt designed by Jenny Beyer.

Cecelia owns a quilt shop in western Kansas and drives a long way to deliver and pick up her quilts!  Her workmanship is excellent and I always enjoy quilting for her.  This quilt will hang in her shop as a sample.
I used Glide thread in gold to give the effect of metallic and just followed the design in the fabric. I must have done a good job following the lines because I can't see it at all in the photo!  In person it does show - adding glints of gold. 


I'm now taking some time off from customer quilting to work on my own quilt and one of Gail's.  Here is a preview of Gail's quilt.
Really!  I'm working on the quilting design here.  More later.
I also took time to attend an auction and bought this chair, which Elsie immediately tested for me.  All four cats have now approved it.

I solemnly swear I will be a better blogger!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

A necessary evil

This is Patty's cute sampler quilt, appropriate with Valentine's Day coming up.

In the blocks I tried a something like the feathered medallion I saw in an article by Sue Heinz from the January/February issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited .

This is something I will try again.  It's a good article and I will probably end up ordering her Circleliner Tool. This issue has several good articles including one by Margaret Solomon Gunn on 'Stitching in the Ditch'.  It's something many quilters avoid but I see it as a necessary evil.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bright and cheerful


This bright cheerful quilt was fun to work on when it's cold and wintry out. 

Jan's piecing is excellent, which made my job easier.

Because it has more of a modern look to it, I avoided traditional feathers.

Betty made this double wedding ring for her son.  She wanted custom but not heavy custom since it will be
used on a bed.


Even though she used pink in the piecing, with the gray background it still looks pretty manly.


Thanks for all the congratulations on Gail and my quilts!  In answer to your question, My Brunette Whig took about 2 months of full time quilting to finish.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Brunette Whig

This is the third collaborative quilt Gail Stepanek and I have finished.  We actually  finished  it last October but waited until the  first show to post pictures.  I love the names Gail comes up with for her quilts.  This one is made of Whig Rose blocks on a brown background so she named it, 'My Brunette Whig'.


I like the way the red piping in the binding and the red thread used in the quilting stand out against the dark background.

This was quilted with several colors of Wonderfil metallic thread; dark brown, copper and red. I also used  Superior So Fine and Aurifil.  I'm an equal opportunity thread user!


I used 2 batts; Hobbs 80/20 and Hobbs wool.

 We were trying to meet the deadline for the Road to California show entry and we were down to the wire. When I got to the border quilting, I was using the dark brown metallic thread and had just one cone of it. Half way across the top border I looked at the cone on the machine and panicked - I was SURE I didn't have enough to do the whole quilt and I was afraid we would miss the deadline.  So I got on the phone and ordered more to be shipped ASAP.  How many cones would I need?  I didn't want to come up short again so I would get 2 plus one more for insurance.  The thread arrived quickly and I got the quilt finished and shipped to Gail FedEx Next Day Air in time for Gail to bind it and photograph it for the entry deadline.  How many cones of brown metallic thread did I end up using?  ONE CONE.  Luckily Gail likes brown backgrounds so I will eventually find a use for 3 cones of dark brown metallic thread!

The happy ending to this story is that 'My Brunette Whig' just won Best Traditional Quilt at Road to California!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Catherine's applique quilts


Catherine sent me two applique tops to quilt for her.  I enjoy quilting these Bunny Hill patterns, this one is "I Believe in Angels"

Lots of cute details and a lot of handwork included by Catherine.

I like the batiks Catherine chose for the iris on this small wallhanging. 

She said she may frame it to hang in her house.  I used pretty shiny Glide thread for all the background


Gail and I are excited by the news that our quilt, 'Stars on Mars' won Best of Show at the AQS show in Albuquerque this week.  It's a real honor especially considering all the amazing quilts entered there.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nancy's version of Aunt Millie

This is Nancy's version of Aunt Millie's Garden by Piece o' Cake designs.  She didn't like the way the border vines ran off the edge of the borders in the pattern  so she redesigned them to connect. 

I like Nancy's bold use of color.  She used up a lot of scraps up in this quilt.

This was quilted with So Fine using Hobb's wool as batting.


I quilted this for Betty a while back.  It just won Best of Show at the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show - congratulations Betty!