Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Stitcher's Garden

I think this is the cutest quilt.  It's called the Stitcher's Garden by the Stitch Connection and Barbara did such a nice job on it. 

 It calls for all kinds of fancy sewing machine feet to do all the machine stitching and special techniques in the blocks.


I like Barbara's choice of a black background - it gives a Mexican Folk Art look to the quilt.
I futzed with the contrast on these photos to try and show some quilting and that messed up the color a bit.


Working on black is hard on my eyes but it sure makes the color pop.

I used variegated thread in the border and some gold metallic throughout.


She has entered it in my guild's Common Threads Quilt Show this June - I think it will do well.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Quilted by a crazy cat lady

I finished Cecelia's quilt before MQS and am just finally getting it posted.

With all the bold colors I decided to use brightly colored Glide thread, which was fun.  My photography makes the blocks look wobbly - they were not.  Cecelia's piecing is very good.



This is Vivian's quilt, hot off the machine.

Such a gorgeous pattern by Sue Garman.  When I asked Vivian if it had taken a long time to make she said that pretty much all she does is applique, so I guess she whipped it right out.



From my little Sedgwick sewing group, Virginia crocheted these adorable baby booties.  I asked her if they came in my size!

I'm a crazy cat lady and these are two of the feral cats I feed.  The black one is actually a stray, and very friendly.  They will lose their beds when I start planting in a week or two!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Long time, no blog

Long time, no blog.  First I had router problems, then computer problems, then MQS in Wichita happened, which all led to no blog posts. It's amazing how important an internet connection has become in my life,  I felt like I had lost all contact with the world without it.

Once again I spent much of the week volunteering at MQS and that sucked up a lot of time.  I helped open boxes and check in quilts which gave me a chance to see all the gorgeous quilts up close.  I spent two days helping out in the judging room; always an eye-opener and something I recommend any quilter interested in show quilting should do.  It was impressed on  me again how certain quilts rise to the top - the quilts where great attention has been paid to every detail. MQS is a machine quilting show and the judges are especially picky about the technical details machine quilting: stops and starts, tension, backtracking and stitch length.  They both had little magnifiers with lights that they would whip out and use to study the quilt up close.  Nasty little things -  they should be outlawed!

My guild, Prairie Quilt Guild provided many volunteers so we were given booth space to sell tickets for our Opportunity Quilt.  It's made by many guild members and quilted by Kim Hull. Margaret Mans is working in the booth.


Here are guild members Kendra and Debbie working on a quilt in the Community Outreach booth.  I haven't heard yet how many quilts they managed to finish during the show.

My local longarm group, Kansas Longarm Quilters had good luck in the judged show.
Kay Dette won second in Over the Top Custom:

Donna Harrison won third in Tools of the Trade:

Siriporn Hollar won HM in Tools of the Trade and second in Overall ( her overall design is freehand, not a pantograph!):


I won HM in Modern Custom, third in Wall Quilts, first in Pictorial, and to my amazement - Viewer's Choice!

pieced by Mayleen Vinson

pieced by Donna Mease

pieced by Russ Schmidt


Here are a few  quilts that caught my eye:
Claudia Pfeil won Best of Show for her quilt Fern Rising,and it appears at the top of this post.  This is the back of her quilt which was deep blue green silk and absolutely gorgeous.


The Theme category is always fun - big flashy quilts and lots of bling.  I love the color in this quilt, Imagine by Patricia Williams.

Also in the Theme category, Eloise Joins the Circus by Janet Fogg.  I don't quite see the connection to the theme: Up, Up and Away, but it is a cool quilt.

Also from Theme, the oddly named: Breaking Wind by Peggy Kragnes.  In her comments about the quilt she says "I hope this brings as many smiles to it's viewer as it did to me while I was making it."  Well, the name certainly did!  It's also a very cute quilt:

Kris Vierra  quilted Shimmering Stars, which won the Best Collaborative award. 

She also won first place in Wholecloth for A Quilter's Garden.

Hungarian Blues by Helen Baczynski won first  in Over the Top Custom;

Radar, quilted by Ann McNew won first in Tools of the Trade.

Now that MQS is over, I have a large pile of tops waiting to be quilted - I had better get to work!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Dear Jane solution

This is the first Dear Jane quilt I have quilted and although I always appreciate Betty's good workmanship,  I am not in a hurry to do another one real soon.  Betty told me she didn't want a lot of quilting - I wondered how on earth I could quilt this without doing a lot of quilting!  I remember seeing a Dear Jane quilt years ago at MQS that had been quilted with an all over large stipple. That was not my idea of a good solution to quilting a Dear Jane quilt. 

I ended up doing a lot of SID, more than I wanted to and no background quilting.  That kept it from looking heavily quilted.

This is Betty's SECOND Dear Jane quilt.  Some people are just gluttons for punishment!


It has been very windy here in Kansas lately but it looks like the weather may be nice just in time for MQS.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

From Stars on Mars to Armadillos


Gail Stepanek and I were thrilled when we found out that our quilt Stars on Mars has won Best of Show at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in Bloomington.  We both really love
this quilt and it's fun to see it recognized. 

From the sublime to the ridiculous: today on driving home from Wichita I caught sight of an armadillo digging alongside the road.  Armadillos have been slowly moving north into Kansas and up until now the only ones I have seen were squashed by the side of the road.  This guy was digging up someone's front yard with great energy.  He let me get pretty close to get a picture with my cell phone.  What weird little creatures they are!  He looks like a cross between a rabbit and a turtle, or a dinosaur.  He was not happy with me getting close - he finally grunted and scuttled off.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Phebe - Mayleen's masterpiece

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working on a quilt that was a major SID project.  I have waited for Mayleen to finish the binding and post about the quilt on her blog first before showing it here.  You might want to check out her blog to find out more about this quilt and some of Mayleen's other wonderful quilts.

This is a reproduction of an antique quilt patterned by Di Ford and it is complicated enough to scare off all but the most courageous quilt makers.  Mayleen loves complicated so this is right up her alley.

She does such an amazing job on the fine details in the applique and embroidery. 


I know she made a few additions of her own like the dog and the cat.  She chose the perfect fabric for that little cat. 

I love the tiny apples on the tree.


Lots of embroidered details.

Mayleen wanted this quilted very traditionally, with echo quilting, feathers and NO STIPPLE.  I felt this quilt deserved careful stitch in the ditch around all the applique and

I used 100 w silk for the background quilting with Bottom Line in the bobbin  and Hobb's wool as the batting.

This is Mayleen's masterpiece and was a joy to quilt, despite all that pesky SID!