Saturday, February 6, 2010

A visitation from St. Greg of the Appliances

St. Greg the appliance man made a special trip today, a Saturday, to drive out to our studio and install the repaired heater unit. He knew it was making things hard for me to work and that if he didn't do it today, he wouldn't be able to get out here until the middle of next week. I would say he deserves canonization! It's amazing how much warmer it is than with the space heaters.

I finished a quilt for Connie using the space heaters for warmth. She used her collection of beautiful Japanese taupe fabrics - it's a simple pattern but really shows off the fabric well. She wanted quilting that wouldn't distract from the fabric. Here are a couple of pictures, too bad the color is a bit off.

Today my longarm quilting friend Siriporn and I visited Cathy, owner of a brand-new Gammill Classic Plus. Cathy is feeling exactly the way I did when my machine was first delivered - overwhelmed. As someone who is basically mechanically inept, I had a terrible time learning how to load the quilt and handle that big machine. She just wanted some pointers and hand-holding. Siriporn is a very experienced quilter and had lots of good ideas and advice. Here they are playing with the machine.

Cathy named her machine Ruby Grace. (She confessed that she names everything, her washing machine and dryer, her dishwasher etc.) Siriporn says she doesn't call her machine anything except when it misbehaves, then she calls her Bitch. Oh my! If you could see Siriporn's quilts you would know that her machine behaves very well.

Yesterday was Peter and my fifteenth anniversary. You might think that makes me somewhere in my thirties, but no, I didn't get married until I was 40! We had a nice dinner, I pulled out the family silver and lit candles. Elsie joined the celebration too.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary and I'm glad that your heater got fixed. Your friends quilt turned out beautiful.

  2. Hey Jan, I like your china cabinets. Is that a purchase tag I see on the right-hand one? I need a new one, but haven't faced the furniture stores to see what is out there. Also I have to sell the old one first. I bet there are lots of antique stores in Kansas.

    Also, I have just spotted the tasteful vase on the table. Love the frogs with tulips jammed down their throats!

    ps Happy Anniversary!

  3. Quilt is beautiful!! Happy Anniversary and I love the frog vase too!! Is it McCoy?

  4. The vase is definitely not McCoy, it says Made in China on the bottom! But I love it, it makes arranging flowers really easy.

    The china cabinet on the left is actually a built in corner cabinet, there are two of them. The one on the right I bought at an auction - the tag on it is hanging from the little ceramic cat bell that my sister sent me several years ago.

  5. Ruby Grace and I are so grateful to have such inspirational, knowledgable, and patient friends as you and Siri. Ruby was pretty excited to have someone at her helm who knew what they were doing. Calm down, Ruby Grace. It's just you and me now!

  6. I will light a candle to St. Greg of the Appliances. We had a similar visit from St. Ken of the Electricity when our greenhouse power went out in the middle of a cold snap last month. Embarrassingly, the electrical socket in the wall was fine, but I had inadvertently turned the on/off switch (which I didn't know was there and couldn't see in the dark) to OFF. Duh. He didn't charge us for that, but he was able to rewire my half-dead radiant oil heater and make it work again -- a bonus. Love these modern day saints.