Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The heat comes on

So yesterday Peter and I spent hours looking for the !@#$%% manual for the heating unit. We looked through every piece of paper in the house and studio at least three times. We looked behind drawers, behind and underneath furniture. We uncovered many lost things, but not the warranty or manual. Greg, the appliance guy showed up yesterday afternoon to pick up the heating/cooling unit and said he thought there probably wouldn't be a problem since the date the stupid thing was manufactured is on it and it falls under five years. He said he will have to order parts and it may take another week at the least to get them in. In the meantime, we bought two ceramic space heaters that have been doing their thing. They have the heat up from forty degrees to close to seventy so I can now work in the studio again. But I am now behind schedule so will have to keep my nose to the grindstone for the next few weeks.

It was fun having some time off. I got things done around the house and we had a chance to go see Avatar - in 3D of course! It was cool.. Here is a picture of Lily on the sewing machine which explains why no cats are allowed in the studio!


  1. thank goodness for those ceramic heaters! Stay warm!!

  2. I hope you get your heater back soon. Lily looks like a very helpful kitty. I second stay warm!!