Saturday, February 27, 2010

I finished the monster quilt

I finally finished June's monster quilt. It's not really a monster, it's a beauty! I love her choice of fabrics and the backing is especially wonderful. Most quilters end up using wide backing because it is so much easier than seaming yardage for a back. June used some ombre fabric and sewed it together for the backing - it is really stunning! The gradation does not photograph very well, it looks even better in person.

Now I get a day off from quilting to do my taxes - oh joy!


  1. WOW! June's quilt is awesome and your quilting looks award winning quality. Hope that your taxes go well and that you get a refund.

  2. Jan I didn't find your email on your profile. But I wanted to thank you for sending me to Elsie's blog. I am going to try her freezer paper mitered corner method, it sounds like an easy way to keep them flat. I have some charity quilts that I can practice on. Thank You