Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am 4 Quilts

Last night was a meeting of the other guild I belong to, Emma Creek Quilt Guild. It is a small guild that meets every month in Hesston. We had our game night and guild Challenge. The Challenge was "I am 4 Quilts" and had to include a four-patch, four shades of one color of fabric and embellishments. At first I was uninspired but then decided to go overboard on the "4" aspect. My quilt had 4 flowers, 4 frames around the center, 4 bugs and 4 embellishments. My favorite part though, was the name: Fourplay.

It's always interesting, and amazing to see how different and creative the entries are! Here is one from my friend Sherry.

This is Virginia's, all hand quilted and hand embroidered.

This one by Deane won Viewer's Choice:

Mine won Best Quilting:

Annette won Best Use of Embellishment. Her quilt had the cutest little rotary cutter with stacked buttons for blades.

I'm almost done with June's Monster Quilt. I'll post pictures if I ever reach the end of it.


  1. Fourplay....oh, Jan, you are so naughty!!!

  2. Very talented women! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is amazing, Jan. Though I must say, playing music seems a LOT easier to me than sewing all the gazillions of inches of stitches in a quilt like this!