Sunday, October 3, 2010

Going, going ... GONE!

I really tried to finish Mary's quilt before today but I just couldn't get it done.  I did get enough stitch in the ditch finished to stabilize it and basted horizontally every four inches or so just to be safe.  While it was on Arabella (her last quilt for me) I noticed that the colors are very similar to those in my Turtle quilt, hanging behind the machine.

This morning we got up early, cleaned the machine, cleaned out underneath the machine and cleared a path out to the driveway.  Here she is before we started cleaning up:

Here she is all ready to go,  I found about a million pins and many dust bunnies underneath her!

Luckily, her new owner Melisa, is very nice and very excited to have her own Gammill longarm machine.  Melisa, her husband Larry and daughter Lauren showed up about 11:00 this morning with a 16 foot trailer, all ready to take Arabella to her new home in Oklahoma.  Peter gave some tips on maintenance,

And then it was time to start taking her apart.  We removed the rollers and wrapped them in old batting scraps to protect them and the canvas leaders.

She is on casters, so she rolled right out the door onto the little deck and then...

Oops, Houston, we have a problem.  The opening in the deck railing was too narrow to let her through.

Larry is a handy kind of a guy, so he removed the deck railing and onto the trailer she went.

She's well packed up and ready to go and Larry even put our railing back for us!

Bye Arabella!

She's GONE!


Can't wait for my new machine.


  1. The studio looks so empty! Can't wait to see your new machine and all the great quilting you will be doing. Hope that it is real soon.

  2. Look at all those ribbons on that wall! You're gonna need a bigger wall if you keep that up!! Congratulations on the new machine!

  3. Sniff, goodbye Arabella. I'm sure you're going to a good home, but I will miss you. You've practically been a member of my family. Oh wait -- you have! :)

    Looking forward to all the tales about the new machine.