Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wonderful quilts, none of them mine!

I wish the quilt above was mine but no, it was made and quilted by Carla.  She did a program for our longarm group and showed many of her own quilts.  There were so many wonderful quilts but I only managed to get good pictures of a few, peoples heads and things like tables and boxes kept getting in the way.  This is another of her quilts:

Prairie Quilt Guild had a meeting last week with Edie McGinnis as the speaker.  Edie worked for the Kansas City Star for over 20 years and has published many books.  She is a long time collector of feedsacks and feedsack quilts and brought many examples of them.  I learned a lot about feedsacks from her talk and she had our guild laughing - she is a hoot!

This is the first quilt she made from feedsacks:

I like that she used white feedsacks for the backing:

More of her quilts:

This one is definitely not made from feedsacks, instead she used her collection of Daiwabo fabrics.  She says this is her best quilt. 

I'm stilll waiting for my new Innova quilting machine.  Hopefully I will hear this next week that it is ready to be delivered.  In the meantime I have been getting lots done!  I have cleaned and re-arranged the studio in anticipation of the new machine,  finished the top for my guild challenge quilt ( I can't show it because it's supposed to be kept secret!), marked the top for a new miniature wholecloth and have actually cooked dinner a few times. My next job is to sort through my old quilting magazines and donate the ones I don't need to our guild library sale.

Here are Elsie and Lily pursuing a cricket - it finally disappeared down a crack leaving one leg behind.


  1. I finally get to see what the fronts of those quilts looked like! (Those are my white gloved hands on the right.)

  2. Liked the quilt pictures. Hope that you get your machine soon as that will be fun for you. Tell your kitties to keep up the good hunting, mine loves to hunt daddy long leg spiders.

  3. I love looking at quilts...thanks for sharing. Question???? What are Daiwabu fabrics???....I know I've never heard of that line and couldn't find anything about it on the Internet.

  4. You probably couldn't find it because I spelled it wrong - it's Daiwabo! They are Japanese fabrics in all those yummy taupe shades.