Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Thimbleberries Lady strikes again!

Marsha the Thimbleberries Lady brought me this cute throw to quilt.  One of the most recent quilts I did for her that wasn't a Thimbleberries pattern (gasp) was a finalist in the Schnibbles contest.  You can see all the finalists here, including Marsha's. Her quilt is the third from the left in the third row.

I haven't mentioned to Arabella (my Gammill Classic Plus longarm machine), that she is for sale -  I'm afraid it might affect her performance.  I've decided to sell her and buy a new machine made by Innova.  It is hard to give her up since she is the one that taught me to quilt with a longarm but I'm very excited about my new machine! I'm advertising in several places and chomping at the bit to get her sold.

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