Friday, September 17, 2010


It's been a while - not because I have been especially busy but because life has been kind of uneventful.  I did go on a Garden Railroad Tour last weekend where I saw this in Nancy's backyard.  Nancy is a friend from Prairie Quilt Guild and her railroad was our favorite of all that we toured.  She made her husband put a quilt block on the barn - it was really cute.

I did a program for the MO-KAN Machine Quilters Guild in Overland Park yesterday, so I had piles of quilts out as I was getting ready to go.  Elsie thought it was cat heaven, she would like us to leave a large pile of quilts on the dining room table all the time since it makes the perfect cat perch!

We had to call a plumber to fix a few leaky faucets and to find out why one of the pipes in a downstairs closet was leaking.  Ahh, the joys of owning an old house!  The old cast iron pipes had rusted, so the plumber had to cut a four foot section out and replace it with PVC pipe.  Here it sits waiting for the junk man to pick up.

Next month I will begin serving as President of my quilt guild.  Fortunately I will have a wonderful and very experienced Board which will make my job much easier.  Traditionally, the President makes nametags for the Board so I just finished seventeen nametags that I will hand out at the first Board meeting.  I still need to make more for Committee chairs, but that can wait a few weeks.

Wednesday we had severe thunderstorms all over south central Kansas and for a while a real nasty one was headed our way.  They were warning of golf ball sized hail and sixty MPH winds.  It ended up missing us but south Wichita saw these... YIKES!  This picture is from the Wichita Eagle website.


  1. Ouch. Heard you were getting that big hail. We lucked out here in Pittsburg, though we did spend about 45 minutes in our neighbor's basement while the tornado sirens were blaring.

  2. Now I call THAT hail. Scary big.

    Love the mini farm. So much better than your standard gnomes.