Monday, June 22, 2015

Road Trip to Kansas City

Last Friday I went on a road trip with my friends Michele and Lori - we recently went to Paducah together and needed another quilt show fix so we went to the opening day of the very first Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.  What a great show!  We were lucky to get there early enough to find a parking spot, by the time the show opened at 10 am the lot was full.

The convention hall was packed with vendors and quilts.  I liked that the supporting guilds from the KC area all had booths and were selling their own opportunity quilt tickets and handmade items. This was my favorite opportunity quilt, designed by a member of the Blue Valley Quilters Guild and made by guild members.  I bought tickets and hope I win!


Congratulations to Mayleen Vinson for winning Best of Show.  I did quilt this but have to say that the quilting takes second place in this quilt - it's Mayleen's workmanship that won the award. 


Mayleen won a new Bernina and here she is accepting her machine.

I didn't get pictures at the show - it was so crowded with happy quilters and I was too intent on my shopping.

On our way to the show we stopped for breakfast and they were serving monstrous cinnamon rolls.  No, I
didn't eat one but did get a picture.


On the way home we stopped for ribs at a restaurant Michele and Lori love.  The décor is... unique.  Those are dollar bills hanging from the ceiling and posted on the wall.

They serve the best ribs I have ever eaten - on a stack of newspaper topped with foil.  YUM!  Guy and Mae's Tavern in Williamsburg. 


  1. How fun to be a part of the Best of Show quilt. :) I'd love to take a quilt show day trip with some friends.

  2. A quilt cannot win without superb quilting, so you are a winner too. I firmly believe all quilt shows should give separate ribbons to the quilter, if it is someone different than the piecer. Congratulations.

  3. I admired the quilt at the show, it is beautiful. It was a great show, and we were happy that we signed up to be vendors. So many great booths, and tons of beautiful quilts!

  4. I loved that quilt, every bit of it! The quilting was fabulous too ;) It was a great show!