Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Beating the heat

Joanne made this from a Judy Niemeyer pattern - what a great way to use lots of batiks!

I put feathers along one side of the spikes and now from a distance they look like unicorn horns.

Marsha made this cute Rudolph Christmas quilt for her husband, whose name (or maybe it was his middle name) is Rudolph.  I'm absolutely sure her husband does not have a glowing red nose.

I haven't watched TV in years but I remember watching this show when I was a kid - do they still show it at Christmastime?  

I visited Material Girls Quilt Shop in Wichita yesterday.  Shop owners Jan and Jo always have beautiful shop samples displayed and have several local longarm quilters do the quilting for them.  Not just basic quilting - but really gorgeous custom quilting like this one quilted by my friend Siriporn Hollar.  Isn't this amazing creative freehand quilting?

It is finally feeling like summer in Kansas after a cool and rainy June.  This is Rorschach beating the heat.  He is sound asleep here!


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  1. Wow! That sure is beautiful quilting by Siriporn Hollar. And you're right - the feathers do look like unicorn horns on the Niemeyer quilt. I'm actually doing one of those as a long term leader-ender project. Do you mind I I put unicorn horns on it when I get around to quilting it? :)