Monday, August 25, 2014

As clean as it gets

My longarm group, Kansas Longarm Quilters, had a quilt room tour recently and because they were having trouble finding victims hosts for the tour, I volunteered.  It seemed like a good idea until it came time to clean my studio.  I'm busy quilting so allowed  just one day to clean it up and this is it -  as clean as it gets.

When Peter and I bought our house in Sedgwick we realized we would need to build a separate building to have room for a longarm machine.  We originally planned to renovate the old garage (build in the 1920's) as a studio but soon discovered it was too decrepit, infested with termites and had an old well inside.  We ended up taking it down and building a 24 x 26 foot building behind the house.  It seemed huge at the time but now is crammed full of stuff.

The entrance facing the house, with Mrs. Meatloaf on the wall.

Part of my thread stash.

More thread in all the shelves and cabinets along the wall.  Do you like the repairs on my chair cushion?  That's my quilt It's Turtles All the Way Down on the back wall.

A view of my stash with my first wholecloth Indian Summer on the wallJust not enough time to straighten my fabric shelves.  I need a couple more days to do that.

Design wall and cutting table.  I can roll the table out of the way and use the design wall for photographing quilts.

 Another view of my Innova longarm with (ahem) more messy storage underneath.  I'll clean that up better someday - really!  On the wall is an old guild challenge quilt, The Cat's Tea Party.

Ribbons! And photography lights.

It's nice to have it cleaned up for a day or two.  As soon as I get back to work it will return to normal!


  1. Ah ha someone else who stashes under her quilt table! Perfect place isn't it? Do you sit down when you are quilting?

  2. Love the ribbon board, looks like you need another board....I wish I had a room this size for my sewing. people won't care what it look like because theirs looks the same way, it just mean we WORK in it.....

  3. Thank you for the tour! looks like a real working place. I have containers and drawers of fabric and essentials that a quilter MUST have all over the place too..............but we know now where it all is right?

  4. You did a great job cleaning your room - plenty of floor space for the gals to wander around. Although it DOES look like you'll need more wall space soon for the ribbon board.

  5. I enjoyed every photograph, Jan! It's always fun to see where geniuses create!!! :-) Love your wall of ribbons. It's amazing!