Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quilts on Ice

Black Licorice by Donna Mease

Awards were presented for my Guild's Challenge so I can finally post some quilts.  The Challenge was called In Living Color and the quilts had to include the two black and white challenge fabrics, use a color in the title and include a person, animal, reptile or fish.  The results were amazing and creative.  I've included all the quilts which won awards plus a few more that I especially liked.

Black and Blue and Green All Over by Susan Chandler

Pinky's Spoolin' Around by Debbie Jones

Mary Ann's quilt is covered with a layer of red tulle:

Red Velvet Cats by Mary Ann Smith

Catching a Glimpse of Red by Mary Eilerts

It's hard to see but the words are made out of zippers - very clever and appropriate!

Fifty Shades of Grey by Connie Glaves

Green-eyed Cat of Many Colors by Jenny Hudson


Maranda Reads Little Red Riding Hood by Sharon Smith

Sharon  included lots of fun details in her quilt:

Red hot Phat Fun by Trudy Jacobson


Purple Colormorphosis by Lora Lagree

Barbara's quilt was a big winner of two awards including Viewer's Choice:

Big Red by Barbara Kroeger


Yellow Cabs of New York by Sara Farley


Who Invited Red?  by Betty Blundon


Can We Be Green? by Janet Ghilino Bates
We had an ice storm a few days ago that left everything covered in 1/4 inch of ice.  It really transformed the landscape.  Once the sun came out the trees glittered like they were covered with diamonds.
Rosie the cat did NOT approve of an icy lawn.  She picked her feet up in disgust after every step.





  1. Wow - what an amazing group of challenge quilts! You have such a fun guild. :)

  2. I'm with Rosie, I didn't like the ice either no matter how pretty it was the next day!

    It surprised me how many of the challenge quilts used red. One of these years I may just finish my challenge quilt which also used red!

  3. Loved the quilt show. What a group of talented folks. It's great to see the different ways the challenge fabric was used!!