Sunday, March 31, 2013

Betty's Bali Star

This is Judy Niemeyer's Bali Star pattern made by my fellow Prairie Quilt Guild member Betty.  She did a beautiful job on the piecing.  Quilting this nearly did me in - totally my own fault for coming up with a time-consuming quilting design that ate up thread at an alarming rate!


I love pieced quilts, but quilting 56 of the same block is mind numbing.  Now that it is finished I do think it looks great. 

It's quilted with Superior So Fine.

Back to work on Gail's show quilt.  Happy Easter!


  1. Isn't the bali star quilt beautiful?! and your quilting is exceptional!

  2. This quilt is so great to look at. The star plus wedding ring design is indescribable beautiful. Your quilting ties it all together!! Love it all.

  3. Your quilting really works beautifully with this classic beauty. Worth the effort!

  4. gorgeous job on the quilting - just adds to the beauty of the quilt

  5. It is a great motif; love it. BTW...there is an area on one of the last 2 pics that is missing some pebbling (hopefully it was taken before the quilt came off)

    1. Yikes - I don't see it! Hopefully what you saw is the edge of the quilt, the batting showing behind the curved edge where the next block would be.

  6. Wow! BEAUTIFUL! You have been nominated as Favorite Quilter of the Month at
    and WOW again! SOOOOOOO beautiful..the quilting is amazing!