Friday, July 8, 2011

Still hot

It's STILL hot , but after all this is Kansas in the summertime.  How did those pioneers survive in their long sleeved dresses, long skirts and petticoats? 

I finished this quilt for Emma Creek Quilt Guild, it is their Opportunity Quilt.  It is a Lori Smith design with added borders to make it bed-size.  It will have a curved edge, so I designed the border to compliment the curves.  I think the curved cross hatching looks nice here.

Peter and I are working off calories by scratching our mosquito bites. Fortunately for you I did not take a gallery of pictures of them as documentation.  Kansas has several mosquito species and one of them is huge and hungry.  Today I wore one of those mosquito repellent devices with a little fan in it - and it worked!!  I love that thing, I'm going to wear one around my neck for the next two months!


  1. I love the mosquito fans too-better than spraying! Beautiful quilting!

  2. I love the quilting in the border, setting triangles, centre - everything. It is stunning well designed quilting that really enhances the quilt.

  3. Magnifique! L'équilibre des couleurs est superbe!