Monday, July 18, 2011

A birthday quilt and a hot program

I finished this big quilt for Carol.  She started it years ago for her daughter and wanted to finally get it done for her  40th birthday this fall.  She wanted me to do simple custom quilting so I tried to not use my rulers so much - but I have a hard time putting them down.  I just like the way the quilt looks so much better with some stitch-in-the-ditch and straight line quilting.

Jeez, it's still really hot in Wichita!  I hope our air conditioner doesn't conk out or we will have to move into the studio with all four cats. Mr. Rohrschach refuses to come inside during the daytime, even in triple digit temperatures.  He hides behind the rain barrel in a spot that stays shady all day long.

Our speaker for Prairie Quilt Guild last week  was David Taylor and he was wonderful!  He had everyone laughing and admiring his amazing work.  I recommend him highly as a speaker and a teacher!  Here is one of his quilts, front:

and back:

That's a lot of quilting! At the end of his talk guild members swarmed around his quilts to admire them up close.

I also took his workshop and picked up some interesting tips and information.  His style of hand applique is different from traditional applique.  I'm determined to try and finish the class project using his method- it certainly works well for him!

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  1. Speaking of cats that like it hot, my Chipper begs to get out of the air conditioned house to sleep in the very hot garage. I guess some just like it hot.
    I saw David Taylor at the Home machine quilter show in Utah, his quilts are beautiful. Glad that you were able to take a workshop with him. Hope to see your project when you get it done.