Saturday, January 1, 2011

A post for 1-1-11

I guess I have had a vacation from my blog as well as from quilting for customers.  We had a quiet Christmas and I had time to finish a new miniature quilt to enter in MQS this year.  I'm going to save pictures of it to post closer to the show.  This last week I have started in again on customer quilts.  I did several small challenge quilts for guild members but I can't post them because we are supposed to keep them a secret until we turn them in. 

 The quilt at the top of the blog is Barb's, she used a pattern by Cleo's Designs and did her own larger version of it. Cleo is a member of our guild and has had real success with her patterns.  They are designed to be done with fusible applique.  This is her website if you want to see her patterns.  She is also a wonderful gardener, so you can see where she gets her inspiration.
I like Barb's version a lot.  She said she had a spot in mind for the wallhanging so wanted it to be just the right size.

I looked back at my January post from last year and realized I haven't completed ANY of the three projects I said I wanted to finish in 2010.  Pretty pitiful.  I'll just have to try again this year!

My friend Sandy sent me this cute aromatherapy Ladybug pillow.  (It has lavender inside)  I like that it comes with it's own little t-shirt to wear so you can wash the t-shirt and keep the pillow clean!  No thanks, that's like putting plastic down all over your furniture and rugs to keep them clean - but then you have to stare at plastic instead of nice furniture and rugs. 


  1. But I think she might like to wear her shirt when it's cold outside. Just to keep nice and warm. Unless she's under a quilt.

  2. Your quilting is great, as usual!
    I'd love to rest my head on that Ladybug's looks so cozy! Take care.