Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A quilt with a good story

Here are two more quilts from our Common Threads Quilt Show from two weeks ago. Nancy Staton won a blue ribbon for this wonderful quilt.  I knew she had entered it in the Hoffman Challenge and wanted her permission before I posted.  It is three dimensional and it is VERY hard to resist squeezing the caterpillar!

I had to find out who had made this quilt before I posted it - I knew it was quilted (beautifully!) by my friend Siriporn and she told me the quilt was made by Barbara Moore.

Now for a quilt with a wonderful story.  Cathy, Leslie and Jozelle went to England last year and had a four hour layover in Chicago.  While waiting they met a nice little English lady and chatted with her.  It turns out that in addition to being a nice little English lady she is also a baroness and member of the House of Lords!  She offered to give them a special tour of the Houses of Parliament while they were in London.  They ended up getting a full tour including a seeing a chapel with a spectacular tiled floor.  While everyone else stared at the impressive walls and altar, the three quilters were fascinated by the floor!

They came home determined to make a quilt based on that design.  I quilted it for them last week and now they will be returning to London later this month and plan to present the quilt to that "nice little English lady".  The design made a wonderful quilt - such a strong, graphic design.

I received good news in the mail recently - my little Sugar Plum miniature quilt was accepted into Houston!


  1. Beautiful quilts and the stories are great. I hope that you are one of the winners in Houston. But I suppose that just being accepted is quite the reward. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for telling our story, Jan! And thank you for doing such beautiful quilting for "our" Baroness. It's all bound now and looks wonderful. Everyone thinks the quilting just brings in together beautifully!

  3. Wow Jan those show quilts were amazing. The butterfly looked so real. The second one, that quilting really makes the quilt have that WOW factor.
    The last quilt from the floor tiles, it's unique. I like the colors and I'm sure the English lady will love it.

  4. Jan, congratulations on your miniature being accepted in Houston! It's really fabulous and I know you'll be bringing it home with a ribbon!