Monday, July 12, 2010

Balloons and mosquitoes


I quilted this pretty French Braid quilt for Judy last week.  Peter loves this pattern (Judy was lucky to get her quilt back!) but it's one I will never make - too much piecing.  Sorry Peter!  The colors are even yummier in person.

After all the rain last week, the yard is still damp and, as I discovered yesterday, full of mosquitoes!  I sprayed my arms, legs, neck and other parts of me that I could reach with insect repellent, but I the mosquitoes discovered a large part of me that I missed - my butt!  I guess I presented a target too good to miss when I leaned over to pull weeds, so this morning I have about a dozen mosquito bites on my butt!  Don't worry, there are no pictures to document this.

Instead, here is one of our still-surviving balloons from the quilt show over two weeks ago!  We released one and let it go feral, one shriveled up and died and two are still bobbing around the ceiling of the studio.  This little guy is still  hanging around but has definitely lost his oomph.  We have decided a bouquet of balloons beats a bouquet of flowers any day!


  1. Awwww! He looks so peaceful sitting there on the pile of quilts. G'night, little balloon-person!

  2. That quilt is beautiful and your quilting ....divine! I love the fabric choices she made.