Monday, October 19, 2015

Better luck next time...

Malerie made this quilt for her husband and requested 'manly' quilting - not a lot of feathers and frills.

I ended up doing all ruler work which is slow-going but she was happy with the result.
I had to put a few feathers in, just in the center Mariner's Compass block.

Years ago I made this quilt, Red Deco, and still had many ideas for another quilt inspired by Art Deco.  This quilt was purchased for the IQA Corporate Collection by Karey Bresenhan which is a real honor but ... I miss my quilt!

I raided my stash of metallic fabrics and threads to make a new Art Deco style quilt.
This is my new little quilt  Sunflower Deco.  It just went to it's first show, Pacific International Quilt Festival and received no recognition from the judges.  I'm disappointed but will just have to send it on to the next show and hope for better news next time!


  1. Oh gosh, I adore Sunflower Deco! I hope you have it at Mid-Atlantic so I can see it in person.

  2. Love your deco quilts! just gorgeous and inspiring!

  3. Fabulous quilts! I *L*O*V*E* the red one!!

  4. It looks fabulous Jan!, Better luck next time!

  5. I remember seeing Red Deco alive and in person. I'm not surprised that Karey B grabbed it up for the collection. The new one is gorgeous ... if it didn't get any love at PICF, then it was just the wrong place, wrong time for it. I hope you will continue to enter it ... and I'll get a chance to see it in person somewhere.

  6. Melerie's quilt is beautiful and your quilting compliments it nicely. Your quilts are wonderful, glad you exhibit your work for others to enjoy!