Sunday, April 26, 2015

The four little piggies do Paducah

My friends Lori, Michele and Kim go to Paducah every year for the show.  They stay in the same motel and have figured out all their favorite places to eat, shop and visit.  This year I was lucky enough to be included in their trip and it was extremely fun.  Fortunately we are all pretty easygoing travelers; we are all early risers, like to shop and eat, are willing to go our own way and regroup when necessary, don't freak out when we get lost and most of all - find the same things funny and laugh ourselves sick over something at least once a day.

We took two days to get to Paducah from Kansas and did some shopping in Branson, MO.  At the outlet shops we all bought a new watch.  My sister pointed out how appropriate it was that as a semi-geezer I bought a Fossil.


I had entered two quilts in the show, both quilts I had quilted for customers.  This was their first time entering a quilt in the show and although neither quilt won a ribbon, we were all excited to have them hanging there!

Ann was able to attend the show, her first time to see the show as well as enter it.


Ann and her friends JoAnn, Joanne and Bethel, all got into the spirit of things with their red peppers!

The Pink Lady was also hanging in the show and I was happy to see that they hung it so the entire quilt showed.  It is such a long quilt that some shows flop the top of the quilt over the bar so it can't be seen.
Russ wasn't able to attend the show but was happy to have it hanging there.


Two other customer quilts did well.  Mayleen's Phebe won an Honorable Mention:

And Jan Z.'s feathered star won third in it's category:


As usual, lots of gorgeous quilts.  I was not at all surprised to see that Renae Haddadin and Karen Kay
Buckley's quilt won Best of Show!

I met Gail's friend Marie Blunk for the first time.  Her quilt won a third place ribbon and it is a beauty! 


I also met up with Donna James.  Here she is in the A-1 booth with her most recent wholecloth, a prize winner at MQX this year.  She had another of her beautiful wholecloths hanging in the show.


I found Linda Hrcka in the Primitive Gatherings booth where I bought a set of her rulers and got a quick picture.  Her quilt won a second place ribbon. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of it!

We managed to visit some great restaurants, from Patti's Settlement where fellow Prairie Quilt Guild member Dave ordered this mile high chocolate merengue pie:


To The Four Pigs BBQ in Benton, KY where the four little piggies ate great BBQ and fried pickles!

We also toured The Moonshine Company in Paducah, where we got a tour, saw the stills in the back room and tasted some moonshine!  I'm not a whiskey lover but liked the ones that are blended with fruit - pretty tasty!

Of course we had to hit Hancock's of Paducah.  The four little piggies are dedicated shoppers and were there each morning at 8 am to beat the crowds.

No side trips on the way home with a very tightly packed car!

Now I have a day off to sort through my purchases and get back to real life.


  1. Such beautiful, beautiful quilts! So envious of your trip - I WILL make it to Paducah one of these years! Glad you had a great time, but now I want to see your purchases!

  2. Looks like a fun-packed trip! One of these days I want to get there. Thanks for the tour . . .

  3. Thank you for sharing pictures of some of the beautiful quilts! I think my sister, daughter and I will have to make a pilgrimage someday~looks like you had a ton of fun!

  4. I live only a couple hours from Paducah and was there on Wednesday. I fell in love with Mayleen's quilt with the kitty, dog, and 5 sheep! Glad you enjoyed yourself and I'm sure Paducah & area appreciated your plastic ... cha-ching! Hahaha!

  5. Looks like you all had great fun! Someday I'll get to Paducah for a show. Thanks for the tour, lovely quilts.

  6. Hi - I am planning on making a French Braid quilt for a charity auction. I saw a photo on line with your name along side. It was in reds with inner borders of smaller braids - would you know the name of the pattern or know where I can get it? Thank you! Laura Bishop, Tomah, WI. Here's the link (I hope) to the photo: