Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Evie's quilt

This pretty quilt was made by Evie and she wanted it quilted in a traditional style.

In addition to being beautifully pieced and appliqued, Evie sent her quilt to me perfectly prepared for quilting.  I mention this because it is unfortunately a rare occurrence: The top was pressed and square with stay stitching around the edge and the backing was ample and also square.  I almost always have to square up the backings which makes me cranky. 

I used Invisifil thread and a wool batt.

More cat pictures - this time a kitty love triangle.  The black cat is a stray that I have cleverly named Black Kitty and he is madly in love with Rosie (the tortoise shell cat) despite the fact that Rosie is neutered and totally uninterested in men.  Rosie's son is the black and white cat - he is a Mama's boy and follows Rosie around too.  Rosie is a Greta Garbo type cat - she just wants to be alone!


  1. Oh my goodness! I fell in love with Evie's quilt. What a spectacular piece of work!! And Your quilting complemented it perfectly. Was loving the close-up pics when I got to the end .... Your kitties commentary cracked me up!!! Glad to see that at least they all get along. My kitty gets quite upset at passer-bys!

  2. Evie's quilt is beautiful - the fabric, the applique and the quilting!