Friday, April 11, 2014

Quilted by a crazy cat lady

I finished Cecelia's quilt before MQS and am just finally getting it posted.

With all the bold colors I decided to use brightly colored Glide thread, which was fun.  My photography makes the blocks look wobbly - they were not.  Cecelia's piecing is very good.



This is Vivian's quilt, hot off the machine.

Such a gorgeous pattern by Sue Garman.  When I asked Vivian if it had taken a long time to make she said that pretty much all she does is applique, so I guess she whipped it right out.



From my little Sedgwick sewing group, Virginia crocheted these adorable baby booties.  I asked her if they came in my size!

I'm a crazy cat lady and these are two of the feral cats I feed.  The black one is actually a stray, and very friendly.  They will lose their beds when I start planting in a week or two!

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  1. Stunning quilting as always! LOVE LOVE those booties, I want some too!