Sunday, January 20, 2013

Raining Cats and Dogs and Opossum


This is a cute Bunny Hill design called Raining Cats and Dogs made by Mary from Charlotte's Sew Natural in Newton. She did a beautiful job on the applique and I guess there is more embroidery and embellishments to come now that the quilting is finished.

I used Invisifil thread which is 100 wt. polyester and wonderful for stitch in the ditch.  I had a little problem with thread breakage which usually doesn't happen for me with this thread - I guess it's just a bad thread karma kind of day.


Nice to have wool batting to really make the quilting stand out.

I put food out for a few of the many feral cats in my neighborhood and try to do it in small amounts so I don't attract starlings and other unwanted wildlife.  This little guy found a few stray crunchies.  He looks like a funny little old man. 



  1. I'm working on the same Raining Cats and Dogs (although not nearly as far along), so I very much enjoy seeing how you quilted this one. You've done a very lovely job! Love all the different areas and designs--very special. Does the wool batting do well as far as washing? I've never used it before, but it certainly does show the quilting off nicely.

    1. I used Hobbs wool and it will shrink a little bit when washed and it will smell like sheep! Wash in cold water and dry flat if possible.

  2. Love the quilting you have done! A beautiful quilt. I am interested in the wool batting too??
    Your Possums look so different from ours here in NZ.

  3. Haha!!! Aren't they the ugliest little things? :) Although this one's kinda cute. . .

  4. Beautiful quilt and as usual your quilting is gorgeous. At first I thought that there was a opossum added to the applique on the

  5. You are so right...little old man. BTW the quilt if beautiful and your quilting is, as always, excellent!!!

  6. Потрясающе красивая работа!

  7. Beautiful quilting. I love the flow of feathers.

  8. I thought the critter atop the doghouse labeled 'Fido' near the center was a possum. Beautiful quilting as always, Jan. And I love the way the quilting always matches to spirit of the quilt patterns.