Sunday, February 12, 2012

Several quilts finished

Susan finished this wool applique quilt several years ago (wrought in 2005 according to the quilt) and I just finished the quilting on it.  The background fabric is flannel, which I have never quilted on before.  It worked real well, I used a nice fat hairy cotton thread (King Tut) which showed up well but left tons of lint all over the bobbin and bobbin area.

We considered using wool batting, usually my first choice, but ended up with cotton.  The wool applique was bulky enough that it had it's own built-in poof and didn't really need the higher loft.

This is Linda's quilt.  She didn't want real heavy quilting but did want feathers in the wide

I stuck with the sunflower theme throughout the quilt.

The Kansas Longarm group met yesterday.  Evelyn did a program on quilting unusual fabrics, like Minkee, satin and silk.  Here she models the special vest she made to wear while she works - it has lots of pockets to keep all  her tools in.

Siriporn brought a quilt made from silk ties to show:

And Kim showed her quilt which will be entered in MQS this spring:



  1. that last quilt is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful quilts. Evelyn's vest is a good idea. Thank you for sharing the idea.