Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finally - it's Karen's quilt!

Karen has been waiting so long for me to get to her quilts; here is the first one.  Isn't it a wonderful quilt?  Her workmanship is amazing - I can't imagine piecing those blocks with the circles.  Her applique is also excellent. 

 She says she found the pattern in Quilters Newsletter Magazine in a 2003 issue and the block is known as Wagon Wheel, Rising Sun and Clog Wheel.  The fabrics are from a collection of Cocheco 1880 reproduction fabrics - the colors are so wonderful. I'm not usually a big fan of reproduction fabrics but I do like these.

    Karen sent me more detailed information about the pattern: It was in the November 2001
    issue of Quilters Newsletter and the pattern is 'Ezekiel's Wheel' by Cindy Vermillion Hamilton.

I recently read the categories for MQS and discovered they have changed the Miniature category: wholecloths are no longer eligible.  Well dang!  That's all I have time to get finished between customer quilts - I don't know what I'll have to enter this year.


  1. The quilt is a beauty. I like the points and circles. And the addition of an applique border is icing on the cake.

  2. beautifl quilting!!
    where would one find this pattern??

  3. It would seem that you could enter it in the wholecloth division, it just has to be 40" per side minimum. Seems doable :-))