Friday, September 23, 2011

Celebrity turtles and dancing chickens!

I call this little quilt Faberge' Turtles and it was made for the IQA Celebrity Mini Quilt Silent Auction, to be held at Quilt Festival in Houston this November.  I don't know that I qualify as a Celebrity but I was happy to be asked to make a quilt for the auction!  I just barely got it in by the deadline which is today - it's being delivered there today according to UPS!

I made the turtles like the ones in my quilt It's Turtles All the Way Down, using silk and velvet and metallic thread to make them gleam like little jewels. 

It's Turtles all the Way Down

At our last Prairie Quilt Guild meeting our speaker was long-time guild member Carla Anderson.  She had examples of her quilts both hand quilted and machine quilted.  Carla is a very talented, award-winning longarm quilter.

Since it was my last meeting as President, the board presented me with a quilt they had made for me.  I absolutely LOVE it and it was quilted by Carla who has served on the board this year. Here it is being presented to me at the meeting;  that's me at the podium, Vera and Evelyn doing the presenting. 

Vera, the Past President planned the whole thing and even played music and had the board come up and do the chicken dance. It was crazy!  As soon as I get a hanging sleeve on it, I plan to hang it in my studio.

Don't you like these chickens?  This one is obviously a quilter.

Here I am: Chicken Prez!

This is me and Peter as chickens:

They even put Captain Quilt on it:

Thank you Vera and board members - it's a very special quilt and a wonderful remembrance of my year as president!


  1. Oh my, what to comment on first. The turtle quilt is wonderful. I can see why you're a celebrity. And, what a fun chicken quilt. You are definitely loved by that group.


  2. Chickens!!!!!!!!! Bawwwwwwwwkkkkkkkkkk! I love this quilt!

  3. Incredible it

  4. Would love to see the chickens closer up. But, really would like to know if there is a pattern for the turtle quilt. Thank you.

  5. Thank Margie - sorry, but there is no pattern for the turtle quilt.