Sunday, March 13, 2011

At the garden show

Last weekend was the Wichita Garden Show and Prairie Quilt Guild always has a display of garden-related quilts.  Peter and  I spent one morning sitting at the display trying to get people to vote for their favorite quilt.  People are so funny - they'll say "I don't know anything about quilts" so we try to convince them  to just vote for the one they like best. 

We had time to wander around and look at the exhibits.  They have a show for flower arrangements and I checked that out.  I'm afraid my tastes are old-fashioned: I like poems that rhyme, paintings that are representational rather than abstract and flower arrangements that show off the flowers.  You really see some wacky things at flower shows - how about this:

or this:

 I like these better.

Then I walked through the garden exhibits.  The theme was Gardens from the Movies so we had Avatar:


The Karate Kid:

Jurassic Park:

and my favorite, The Secret Garden:

The Extension Office did a cute one from The Hobbit:

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  1. Garden shows are so fun, even if the exhibits are tacky. It's so wonderful to breathe plant-smelling, oxygenated air and see GREEN when it is still grey, brown (or white) outside.

    But you know your readers are all waiting for the next installment: the garden-related QUILTS?!