Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a challenge

Last week the Challenge Committee for Prairie Quilt Guild met at my studio to have all the quilts judged for entry in the AQS Guild Challenge at the Knoxville Show next summer.  The Guild entered the Challenge for the first time two years ago and won Honorable Mention.  This year it was decided to bring in a judge from outside the Guild to choose the quilts for entry in the show. The quilts were really wonderful and creative, it took most of a day for Carol Elmore to judge the 38 entries. I can't show the winners because they won't be announced to the Guild until April.  At the March meeting the Guild membership will do their voting for the quilts they like best, so there will be lots of winners!

Peter and I spent most of Sunday getting tax stuff ready for our tax accountant.  I dread that job all year long!!  We see our accountant on Thursday and that part is no problem, it's the preparation that is the killer.  I always vow to be more organized in the coming year but it never works.

I was excited to learn that my miniature quilt Sugar Plum won a ribbon at Road to California in January.  I have been waiting until they posted the winners so I could include a link; ttp://www.road2ca.com/2011winners/road/winners.html.  The quilts look spectacular - I would love to attend that show someday.

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  1. Way to go, Jan! Have you ever figured out your hourly 'wage' of producing such a quilt that then wins money? I loved seeing the other quilts, but naturally, I thought yours was the best. :)